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I am Marcello La Rosa, Professor in Business Process Management (BPM) with the BPM Discipline of the Information Systems School, Science & Engineering Faculty, at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in Brisbane, Australia.


As the Academic Director for corporate engagements for my school, I manage QUT's wide offering of professional training and consultancy services on Information Systems, with a focus on BPM (see BPMTraining).


My research interests span different BPM topics, with a focus on process consolidation, mining, configuration and automation, and reaching out to disciplines such as Sofware Engineering, Information Systems and the broader field of Computer Science. The results of my research appeared in major journals and conferences in my field (e.g. TOSEM, IS, FACS, BPM, FASE, ER, CAiSE). My research is also showcased on BPMCenter, a collaborative virtual research center on BPM funded by QUT and the Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e), which I co-manage, and on QUT ePrints, a public repository of scientific papers.


I lead the Apromore initiative - a strategic research collaboration between various universities, which received government and private funds for the development of an advanced process model repository. I'm also the coordinator of the Process Configuration website, which collects research efforts on the management of variability in process-aware information systems. I have also contributed to the design of the YAWL environment, one of the most-mature community-based open-source BPM systems.


I have been teaching various aspects of the BPM field, from process modeling, automation and mining, through to managerial aspects of the discipline such as strategic alignment and governance, both to undergraduate and postgraduate students in my university and overseas. I have also provided corporate training courses to managers, analysts and soution architects in the area of BPM in Australia and overseas.


Together with Marlon Dumas, Jan Mendling and Hajo Reijers, I co-authored "Fundamentals of Business Process Management", the first comprehensive textbook on BPM, published by Springer in 2013. This book has influenced the curricum of over 100 universites and teaching institutions in the world, and has been used as the textbook of the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on "Fundamentals of Business Process Management", a free course I taught in Oct-Dec 2015, which attracted over 7,400 participants.



  • 27/6/2016: new 3-week "taster" MOOC on "BPM: An introduction to Process Thinking" to start on 5 September in FutureLearn
  • 15/6/2016: two papers of mine accepted at ER'16 - see Publications
  • 17/2/2016: two papers of mine accepted at CAiSE'16 - see Publications
  • 16/2/2016: with over 4.2K copies sold and nearly 90K chapter downloads in 3 years, our textbook is the 32nd best-seller of all Springer books, and the first one on BPM
  • 10/7/2015: a paper of mine accepted in Information Systems - see Publications
  • 2/07/2015: I have been promoted to the rank of Professor
  • 24/06/2015: I talked about process mining at the Italian chapter of ISACA - the standardization body behind COBIT
  • 1/06/2015: MOOC on "Fundamentals of BPM" open for registrations. Course starts on 12 October and lasts 8 weeks
  • 26/05/2015: A teaser of our BPM MOOC - an extract of a video interview to Prof. Michael Rosemann on the current and future position of BPM in organization

Personal notes

I like playing guitar, taking photos (you can appreciate some in this site), going surfing (although I'm not very good) and diving (I'm Advanced Open Water). As per music tastes, you can throw in everything that sounds like blues, folk and rock from the old seventies (from B.B. King to Led Zeppelin to name a couple).


Professor Marcello La Rosa
IS School Academic Director
(corporate engagements)
BPM Discipline, IS School
Science & Engineering Faculty
Queensland University of Technology

GPO Box 2434,
Brisbane QLD 4001, Australia
m.larosa AT qut.edu.au
tel. +61 (0)7 3138 9482

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