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Marcello La Rosa

I am Marcello La Rosa, Professor of Information Systems with the School of Computing and Information Systems, Melbourne School of Engineering, at The University of Melbourne, Australia. Within my School, I serve as the Deputy Head of School for Engagement and lead the Information Systems (IS) Group and the BPM Professional Education arm.

Before joining Melbourne Uni, I held an academic position with the Information Systems School, Science & Engineering Faculty, at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia, where I led the BPM Discipline (2016-17) and served as the Academic Director for corporate engagements (2012-17). I was also the recipient of an Information Systems Research Fellowship from the University of Liechtenstein (2012-14) and held a part-time Principal Researcher position at NICTA, now Data61 (2012-15).



My research is in Business Process Management (BPM), where I apply a computational approach proper of Information Systems engineering research. BPM puts forward the idea of analyzing organizational performance through a "process lens", starting from the understanding that organizational performance is a function of process performance. Over time my research interests have spanned different BPM topics, from process modeling and consolidation, through to process analysis and automation. Nowadays, my focus is specifically on process mining, where I have contributed a range of approaches and techniques for automated process discovery, performance mining, conformance checking, variants analysis and predictive and prescriptive monitoring.

My research is showcased in public repository sites such as Google Scholar, UoM Minerva Access, arXiv, ResearchGate, QUT ePrints and BPMCenter, and on UoM Find an Expert profile.


Teaching and outreach

I have been teaching various aspects of BPM, from operational ones such as process modeling, analysis, improvement, automation and mining, through to managerial aspects of the discipline such as strategic alignment and governance, both to undergraduate and postgraduate students in Australia and overseas. I have also trained hundreds of managers, analysts and solution architects in the area of BPM.

Based on this experience, I co-authored "Fundamentals of Business Process Management" (Springer, 2nd edition), the first comprehensive textbook on BPM. This book has influenced the curricum of over 200 universites and teaching institutions in the world.

Later, we used this textbook to design a three-part MOOC on "Fundamentals of Business Process Management" accredited with ABPMP, which we delivered on the EdCast platform, and a second "taster" MOOC on BPM, of introductory nature, called "BPM: An Introduction to Process Thinking", offered on the FutureLearn platform. Altogether, these two MOOCs have attracted over 26,000 participants to date.


Open-source projects

I value open-source software development as a means to reach out to different communities: academics, students and practitioners. For this reason, I lead the Apromore Initiative, a strategic research collaboration between various universities headquartered at the University of Melbourne, which received government and private funds for the development of an advanced business process analytics platform. This platform combines techniques for managing large process model collections with process mining techniques, with a specific focus on end users, and has led to significant technology transfer. I also contribute to the Nirdizati predictive process monitoring tool, now integrated into Apromore. Other open-source BPM projects I led or contributed to in the past include Process Configuration, which collects research efforts on the management of variability in process-aware information systems, and YAWL, a research-focused BPM system.



  • 24/05/19: I talked about process mining as an enabler for digital transformation at the Data Management Radio. Here's the podcast
  • 8/05/19: Our first paper on the new topic of Robotic Process Mining has been accepted in the BPM Forum
  • 7/05/19: Our paper on predictive process monitoring of remaining time has been accepted in ACM TIST
  • 7/05/19: Our paper on stage-based automated process discovery has been accepted in IS
  • 20/2/19: Our paper on white-box predictive process monitoring has been accepted in JSME
  • 6/03/19: Dr Alireza Ostovar, a PhD student of mine, obtained his PhD on "Business Process Drift: detection and characterization"
  • 11/02/19: Dr Ilya Verenich, one of my PhD students, obtained his joint-PhD from QUT/Uni.Tartu on "Explainable Predictive Monitoring of Temporal Measures of Business Processes"
  • 10/12/18: our survey & benchmark on outcome-based predictive process monitoring has been acceted in ACM TKDD
  • 7/12/18: read about what we have been doing with Apromore in this article on Ingenium, our Faculty's blog
  • 30/10-1/11/18: together with our partner Holocentric, we talked about Apromore, process mining and the notion of a digital twin of an organization at the Gartner IT Expo for APAC
  • 24/10/18: our paper on a local concurrency oracle from process event logs has been accepted in ACM ToIT
  • 11/10/18: I talked about process mining at the IIBA "Business Analysis Professional Day" in Melbourne
  • 9/09/18: Apromore 6.0 has been released! Improvements include an all-new automated discovery plugin, improved drift detection and characterization, and predictive process monitoring
  • 17/07/18: I joined a panel on process automation for the public administration, organized by The Mandarin in Melbourne
  • 14/06/18: our paper presenting a filter for removing spurious events from event streams has been awarded the Distinguished Paper Award at CAiSE'18
  • 13/06/18: our demo paper on predictive monitoring with Apromore has been awarded the best demo paper award at CAiSE'18
  • 7/06/18: a paper of mine proposing a new precision measure accepted at BPM'18
  • 21/05/18: survey and benchmark of automated discovery techniques accepted in IEEE TKDE
  • 28/04/18: journal article on Split Miner accepted to KAIS (special issue on best papers from ICDM'17)
  • 8/04/18: two demo papers on Apromore accepted at the CAiSE Forum 2018: one on predictive process monitoring, the other on verifying the correctness of BPMN models
  • 6/04/18: Apromore's user manual is out: a living document describing step-by-step how to use each of its plugins, with links to screencasts and example files
  • 30/03/18: second testimonial added on the predictive monitoring capabilities of Apromore
  • 15/03/18: the second edition of our textbook "Fundamentals of Business Process Management" is out!
  • 14/03/18: new Apromore's public cloud node hosted by the University of Melbourne's School of Computing and Information Systems
  • 13/03/18: our paper on Discoverying Process Maps from Event Streams has been accepted at ICSSP 2018
  • 07/03/18: we created a page collecting testimonials from companies that have adopted Apromore
  • 23/02/18: our paper on filtering noise from event streams has been accepted at CAiSE 2018
  • 7/02/18: Solutions Review places our textbook "Fundamentals of BPM" among the top 10 books on BPM
  • 5/02/18: after 12 years, I resigned from QUT and joined the University of Melbourne, where I will lead the IS group within the School of Computing and Information Systems
  • 22/01/18: our article outlining challenges and opportunities of blockchains for BPM has been accepted in ACM TMIS


Professor Marcello La Rosa
Deputy Head of School (Engagement)
Leader of IS Group
School of Computing and IS
Melbourne School of Engineering
The University of Melbourne

Level 10, Doug McDonell Building
VIC 3010, Australia
marcello.larosa AT unimelb.edu.au
tel. +61 3 8344 9887

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